Hemi Performance
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Hemi Performance is..

Your Chrysler & Valiant specialists. The only place to go for valiant parts, service and advice.

We are a Mopar Authorised Retailer and the largest supplier of new, used, reproduction and new-old-stock parts for all Chrysler/Valiant makes and models from 1964 to 1981.
This includes Valiant, Charger, Regal, Chrysler by Chrysler, Wayfairer, Plymouth, XL, 770, and their various body types (Sedan, Coupe, Wagon, Hard Top, Two Door, Panel Van, and Limo.)

Hemi Performance have forged a reputation for high quality Hemi 6 Performance parts and service to back them up over the last 34 years, and that is almost twice as long as Chrysler were trading in Australia!

With that achieved you can be sure that we will be around tomorrow should you ever have the need for product backup and service!

At Hemi Performance we are committed to supplying the highest quality parts at the lowest possible price!
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We also have the largest "on the shelf stock" of any supplier in the land!  That means no waiting weeks/month for stock to arrive and if we happen to have a supply problem, you will be the first to know!

Hemi Performance, committed to keeping your Chrysler on the road!

Hemi Performance Original Products

Hemi 6 Oil Pump: Hemi Performance developed the original O-ringed, hi performance oil pump.. a great product, without surprise now copied by others.
HP have been modifying and building Hemi 6 Oil Pumps for over 30 years, in the beginning was even the supplier to the three Chrysler dealerships that were still track racing Chargers in the early-to-late 80s!
We are the only company to have a huge inventory of oil pumps (several hundred) with no more than 20,000 kms on them, many removed from 245 Hemi 6 powered Melbourne "gas and fuel corp" vehicles purchased back in the 1980s.
This means that we can offer you an oil pump that is still like new, with the correct clearances.. all other companies have to reco 25 year old pumps and 'cross their fingers' as they can get no where near the desired clearances needed to maintain good oil pressure with hot oil.
All HP oil pumps are built in house, with a meticulous cleaning process and a clean-room to tolerance and assemble, you can rest assured that a HP oil pump is 100% contaminant free & ready to fit.. no priming required!

Hemi 6 Oil Pump Retainer Plate: Due to the age of the Hemi 6 engine blocks and oil pumps, we began to see a huge number of oil pumps with broken legs.
HP developed a way to fix the problem, using a HP retainer plate kit, you'll never suffer from a broken oil pump leg!
This kit can be purchased and fitted to an existing oil pump with no modifications required, or you can purchased our O-ringed pumped complete with retainer plate fitted.

Hemi 6 Distributor: The Hemi Performance Ignition system, HPI series 1, 2, and now 3.
The original high performance ignition system was designed and developed by Hemi Performance in 2001, using high quality Bosch parts and a reconditioned & customised Hemi 6 Bosch distributor.
The response was so great that we went on to develop an even more powerful system, the HPI series 2, again using a reconditioned & customised Hemi 6 Bosch distributor.
HPI Series 2 was the leading high performance ignition system for the Hemi 6 on the market, alas we simply cleared the country out of second hand Bosch distributors and were no longer being able to source parts from Bosch for the rebuilds.
From this the HPI Series 3 was born! This kit features an upgrade to a BRAND NEW distributor, late-model GMH housing design with the module attached to the side of the distributor, state-of-the-art internal electronics, coupled with a Bosch performance module (as used in the X series) and a transistorised coil, we're now pushing out the highest voltage of any Hemi 6 ignition system on the market! There is simply nothing better on the market.
Beware of cheap-asian clones offered on the market, offered at unrealistically cheap prices.

Hemi 6 Camshaft: The Viper Camshaft series, the greatest cams ever developed for the Hemi 6 engine.
Do some searching and you'll find there have been a lot of problems with Hemi 6 oil pump gears being stripped out and engines losing oil pressure, sadly this is what happens when uninformed people use camshafts from big-name suppliers that aren't Chrysler specialists (and even sometimes supplied by so-called Chrysler specialists).
We have direct copies of Chrysler's original grinds, and also some with our own mild improvements.. although it IS hard to improve on perfection!
HP Viper Camshafts are supplied complete with a matching oil pump gear, to ensure you never have a problem.

Hemi 6 Timing Cover: Modified timing cover with camshaft anti-float device.
The Hemi 6 engine was developed in such a haste that one of the key component forgotten was a retainer to hold the camshaft in place.
William, working with Chrysler Australia, in the mid-to-late 70s developed the modified timing cover to alleviate the problem of the camshaft floating and also the secondary problem of stretching the agricultural designed timing chains.
These covers were fitted by some Chrysler dealerships in the late 80s and Hemi Performance has offered this cover since the beginning, in the late 70s!

Hemi Performance: We lead, others imitate.