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Complete Front Drum-to-Disc Brake Conversion Kit : suit Chrysler Valiant (Customisable)

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Quick Overview

Upgrade your braking with our complete easy to install conversion kit. Contains everything you need to install high quality disc brakes to your Valiant without any modifications. Options for all Chrysler/Valiant models including AP5, AP6, VC, VE, VF, VG, VH, VJ, VK, CL & CM. View full item description

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Supply IS BACK,   We have sourced the second hand Stub Axles and Calipers required for a HEAP of kits. You can order with minimal delay (5-7 Days) , however we recommend you contact us if your require sooner and we will fast-track it for you.

Suitable for use in any Valiant model running front drum brakes (AP5, AP6, VC, VE, VF, VG, VH, VJ, VK, CL & CM.)

Our conversion kit contains everything you need to install high quality disc brake to your Valiant without any modifications.
Available in either early model or late model stud pattern (AP5-VG & VH-CM respectively.)

Make sure to select the correct rotor stud pattern and type in the options before making your purchase.

Our conversion kit includes fully reconditioned VJ/VK Calipers.

To make your job as easy as possible, a Hemi Performance conversion kit includes EVERYTHING you need to change your drum braking vehicle to the far superir disc braking.
You won't have to pay extra for parts that should be included, and you won't be left looking elsewhere for parts to finish the job.


Brake System Details

Hub & Rotor Single piece / Vented
Stud Size 1/2"
Stud Pattern 5x4" or 5x4 1/2"
Wheel Bearings Standard Valiant size
Grease Seal HP disc specific
Brake Pads HP Alloy Upgrade caliper specific


** Please Note: When installing on AP5/AP6/VC models you are REQUIRED to chnage your rims to VG Model or after-market mags - IF you would like a conversion to allow the use of your original rims and hub caps please see the links below:

Additional Information

SKU 114.26806
Factory Comparison Retro-fit Replacement
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