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Slant 6 225 Standard & Performance Crate Engine

Slant 6 225 Standard & Performance Crate Engine

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Slant Six 225 Standard and Performance Crate Engines
• The Slant six engine has been around many years and is well known for its strength and reliability.
• Starting its life as a tractor motor in the early fifties, it was also used in Russian army tanks, one being fitted in each corner to power the tracks.
• Chrysler has offered the slant six in every model off the production line in the US and here in Australia.
• When first introduced here in Australia in 1960 to be fitted to the S series Valiant, it was the most powerful engine on the market. The only close competitor was Mercedes Benz at 3 to 4 times the price tag.
• The Slanter held its own right up to the release of the Hemi 6. Even then the 245 was only marginally better.
• In the US the Slant is still a very popular power plant and only ceased production in the 1990’s.
• As the Slant six finds it origin in the States we have no problem obtaining good parts to re-build them to the same standard Chrysler built them themselves.

Engine Specifications
  • Block acid cleaned & crack tested
  • Block bored, honed & new pistons fitted
  • Con rods cleaned, checked & resized
  • Checked/Replaced con rod bolts and nuts
  • Tri metal big ends, mains and camshaftbearings
  • USA made hardened valve inserts fitted
  • Dual row roller timing set (steel billet gears)
  • Crank crack tested & ground Viper Camshaft re-profiled and hardened
  • Hastings Piston Rings
  • Neoprene rear crankshaft main seal
  • Three way angle cut valve faces
  • New solid Mopar Bar Bell Lifters
  • All engine welch plugs replaced with brass plugs
  • Assembled with hi-quality gaskets
  • Engine built to run LPG or ULP

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