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  1. Banjo Brake Hose Adapter IMG_4542.jpg

    Banjo Brake Hose Adaptor

    Perfect for use with our screw-in type brake hoses to make them compatible with VC/VE/VF vehicles running solid disc brakes, and VG/VH running vented disc brakes. Learn More
  2. Braided Flexible Body and Caliper Brake Hose Complete Set
  3. Braided Flexible Brake Line Kit (Master Cylinder to Front Wheel Well)
  4. Braided Body to Front Caliper Brake Hoses IMG_5632.jpg

    Braided Flexible Front Brake Hose : suit VJ-CL Calipers & AP-VF 9" Drums

    These braided brake lines not only offer a great looking direct replacement for your factory rubber lines. they also enhance your brakes pedal feel. Learn More
    Set of 2
  5. Braided Rear Caliper Brake Hose (PAIR) : Suit HP Rear Disc Brake Conversion
  6. Braided Rear Caliper Brake Hose : Suit HP 330mm disc brake conversion
  7. Front and Rear Flex Brake Lines.jpg

    Brake Flex Hose Package (front & rear) : Suit RV1-VG drums & VJ-CL discs

    High quality replacement brake hose set for RV1, SV1, AP5, AP6, VC, VE, VF, & VG vehicles fitted with drum brakes, and VJ, VK, & CL vehicles with disc brakes. Learn More
  8. 114.79717 Tube Nut.jpg
  9. Brake Tube Nut : 3/16 Pipe, 3/8-24 UNF

    Brake Tube Nut : 3/16 Pipe, 3/8-24 UNF

    High quality tube nut suit 3/16" pipe. Learn More
  10. Front Brake Flex Hose with Banjo Adapter IMG_5033.jpg

    Front Brake Flex Hose (with banjo adapter) : suit VC/VE/VF Solid Discs & VG/VH Vented Discs

    Brand new front flexible brake hoses made to Australian & International standards... ADR42/04 FMVSS106. Suitable for VC, VE, VF running solid discs and VG & VH models running vented discs. Learn More
  11. MDI Brake Line Grommet Set IMG_1769.jpg
  12. Rear Flex Brake Hose.jpg

    Rear Brake Flex Hose (Body to Differential) : suit AP5/AP6/VC/VE/VF/VG/VH/VJ/VK/CL/CM Valiant

    Brand new REAR flexible brake hose made to Australian & International standards (Both SAE J1401 and DOT approved.) Learn More
  13. Rubber Caliper Brake Hose : Suit HP 330mm disc brake conversion
  14. Front Brake Flex Hose.jpg

    Rubber Front Caliper Brake Flex Hose : suit RV1/SV1/AP5/AP6/VC/VE/VF/VG drums & VJ/VK/CL discs

    Suit RV1, SV1, AP5, AP6, VC, VE, VF, & VG models running front drum brakes, and VJ, VK, CL, & CM front disc brakes. SAE J1401 and DOT approved. Learn More

14 Item(s)

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