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Carburetor Reference

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  1. Six Pack Race Prep Tuning Guide.jpg

    E49 Six Pack Race Preparation and Tuning Guide Book

    Get the ins and outs of tuning your Six Pack whether it be for the race track or just in general with our Race Prep & Tuning guide. Learn More
  2. 1613250673 how to rebuild and modify carter edelbrock carburetors.jpg

    How to Rebuild and Modify Carter/Edelbrock Carburetors

    If you want to modify your carburetor-equipped vehicle for performance today, you can choose from three major carburetor families - Holley, Demon, and Edelbrock. While Holley and Holley-style carburetors like... Learn More
  3. [Super Tuning And Modifying] Carter Carburetors Book

    [Super Tuning And Modifying] Carter Carburetors Book

    Carter Carburetors is the only authoritative source of information on tuning, modifying, and rebuilding Carter 4-barrel performance carburetors. Considered an outstanding reference by many experts, this book is brimming with... Learn More

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