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New Products

  1. Door Lock / Boot Lock Retainer : suit ALL Models

    Door Lock / Boot Lock Retainer : suit ALL Models

    Brand new replacement clip to suit all models from AP5 - CM. Learn More
    Set of 2
  2. Rubber Clutch Torque Tube Z Bar Dust Seal.jpg

    Clutch Torque-Tube Linkage Dust Seal

    Direct replacement for use in all manual vehicles running original linkage operated clutch. (AP5, AP6, VC, VE, VF, VG, VH, VJ, VK, CL, & CM models.) Two units required per... Learn More
    Set of 2
  3. Single Bbl AP6 Carter Carby.jpg

    Carter 1BBL AP6 Carburetor (remanufactured, suit cable)

    Original equipment replacement for AP6 vehicles fitted with a 225 Slant 6 engine running accelerator cable, not linkages. High quality remanufacture from the Canada - no exchange required! This is... Learn More

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