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VIN Decode

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to decipher the VIN of your VC-VE, or VG-CM model Chrysler/Valiant?
Hemi Performance have built this quick tool to help you to learn more about your vehicle, just enter the VIN below and let us do the work to decode it!

Where is my VIN?

  • For VC, VE, VF & VG owners:
    Your VIN is stamped on the driver's side inner guard. (Example VIN: VE4-H-41-00125)
  • For VG, VH, CH, VJ, CJ, VK, CK, CL, & CM owners:
    Your VIN is stamped on to your ID plate, which is on the driver's side of the plenum/cowl panel.  (Example VIN: VH8P29/BF10-0001)


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