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  1. 106.08188 Single Ballast Resistor with Bracket DSC02604.jpg

    2-Pin Ballast Resistor

    For use with electronic ignition system fitted with 4-pin ignition module and a non-12v coil.
    Learn More

    Regular Price: AU$31.25

    Special Price AU$25.00

  2. large_506_inhibitor-switch-tf-3pin.jpg

    3 Pin Inhibitor Switch (long) : suit TorqueFlite 904/727 (Neutral-Safety)

    Replacement neutral/reverse safety switch for use in 904 and 727 Transmissions - this item is a "Long" switch and is best suited to the factory wiring plug. Learn More

    Regular Price: AU$45.60

    Special Price AU$32.00

  3. Twin Ballast Resistor (4 pin) Enlarged IMG_8151 2 Small.jpg

    4-Pin Ballast Resistor

    Suitable for use on vehicles running Chrysler electronic ignition system fitted with a 5-pin ignition module/box. Can also be used on vehicles with a 4-pin ignition module to keep original... Learn More

    Regular Price: AU$44.99

    Special Price AU$19.00

  4. large_3577_11913.jpg

    Air-Conditioning Relay : suit 1972-73 A/B/E-Body Dodge/Plymouth

    Direct replacement oe-quality air-conditioning relay as found on 1972-73 a, b & e-body dodge & plymouth vehicles. Direct oe-quality replacement Suits 1972-73 a, b & e-body Learn More

    Regular Price: AU$77.46

    Special Price AU$52.65

  5. large_5292_cx1t.jpg

    Alternator Brush Kit : Chrysler Birdcage

    Direct replacement alternator brush installations kit to suit all 1960-67 Chrysler, Dodge & Plymouth original equipment 'birdcage' alternators. Complete with two-piece brush set, holders and washers. Suits original equipment birdcage... Learn More

    Regular Price: AU$40.63

    Special Price AU$32.50

  6. large_6720_Relay_0332019150_lg.gif

    Bosch Universal Five-Pin Continuous Duty Relay : 12v 30amp 5-pin

    Genuine Bosch 5-pin continuous duty, dual contact mini relay. Manufacturer Specifications Part number: 0332019150 Designation: Mini-relay Supplemental information: With holder Color: black/grey Type of housing: Plastic housing Switch function: without... Learn More
  7. Brake Light Switch at Pedal IMG_5807.jpg

    Brake Light Switch (at pedal)

    This switch is commonly damaged and no longer working correctly in a lot of Valiants. Replace yours today with this as-per-factory switch that connects directly to your factory wiring. Learn More

    Regular Price: AU$23.75

    Special Price AU$19.00

  8. Bosch Cylinder Ignition Coil with Ballast IMG_5035.jpg

    Factory Style Bosch Ignition Coil (Cylinder type, female) : Suit factory ignition system with ballast resistor

    Genuine high quality Bosch ignition coil. Suitable for use with factory points electronic ignition. Learn More
  9. large_3020_fuel-sender-abody.jpg

    Fuel Tank Sender Unit (w/ filter) : suit 1963-1976 USA A-Body (5/16" fuel pipe)

    Suitable for various A-Body US Dodge and Plymouth vehicles manufactured between 1963-1976. Restore proper fuel gauge readings with this brand new fuel sending unit. All units include the necessary installation... Learn More

    Regular Price: AU$218.75

    Special Price AU$175.00

  10. large_3118_q-lpl1.jpg

    Mopar License Plate Light Lens Package

    Mopar authentic restoration product : factory-perfect license plate light lens & installation package as found on 1964-78 dodge Charger, plymouth gtx/roadrunner, 1968-70 plymouth satellite/belvedere & 1977-78 dodge 'lil-red express truck.... Learn More

    Regular Price: AU$57.00

    Special Price AU$38.50

  11. large_3119_q-lpl2.jpg

    Mopar License Plate Light Lens Package : 1970-74 Barracuda

    Mopar authentic restoration product : factory-perfect license plate light lens & installation package as found on 1970-74 Plymouth barracuda/cuda. Genuine Mopar product Complete with installation gasket & fasteners Learn More

    Regular Price: AU$86.25

    Special Price AU$69.00

  12. Narva 3AG Assortment Glass Fuse Pack (10x)

    Narva 3AG Assortment Glass Fuse Pack (10x)

    Mixed box of fuses including:
    1x 30A, 2x 25A, 2x 20A, 2x 15A, 1x 10A, 1x 5A, 1X 2A Learn More
  13. Narva 68060.jpg

    Narva Universal Four-Pin Fused Relay (#68060)

    Different to your regular style relays that utilise either resistor or diode circuit protection, narva's fused relays rely on a replaceable 30-amp standard ats blade fuse. suits 12-volt systems and comes complete with mounting tab for easy installation. Learn More
  14. large_4421_oil-pressure-sender.jpg

    Oil Pressure Sender : 1965-87 Chrysler, Dodge & Plymouth

    Direct replacement oil pressure sender switch to suit all 1965-87 chrysler, dodge & plymouth vehicles fitted with production oil pressure gauge meter. suitable for use on small-block & big-block v8 engines. Learn More

    Regular Price: AU$53.13

    Special Price AU$42.50

  15. large_6836_ps-1.jpg

    Oil Pressure Switch : 1962-80 Chrysler, Dodge & Plymouth (Slant 6)

    oil pressure switch : 1962-80 chrysler, dodge & plymouth (slant 6) direct replacement oil pressure switch to suit all 1962-80 chrysler, dodge & plymouth vehicles fitted with slant 6 engine... Learn More
  16. 3 bolt starter.jpg

    Re-manufactured Starter Motor : 3 Bolt : Suit Dodge Truck

    Previously impossible to find! - Now re-manufactured high quality 3 bolt starter. Learn More
  17. large_5156_starter-chrysler.jpg

    Remanufactured Starter Motor : suit Chrysler

    Ideal for all engines using original equipment 'chrysler' starter motor. Will fit any 1960-78 Chrysler, Dodge or Plymouth and various early Australian Valiant vehicles using Chrysler starter. Rated @ 1.3-Kw.... Learn More
  18. 106.99997 Single Ballast Resistor.jpg

    Restoration 2-Pin Ballast Resistor

    Factory correct reproduction ballast resistor as fitted to many us-built plymouth & dodge vehicles factory fitted with points & elb ignition systems. also a direct replacement resistor for mopar performance... Learn More

    Regular Price: AU$34.86

    Special Price AU$25.00

  19. large_3227_BCB.jpg

    Restoration Battery Clamp Bolt

    authentic restoration battery clamp bolt as found on many chrysler, dodge, plymouth & valiant vehicles. factory-correct profile fastener, even down to the colour ! excellent reproduction of factory-fitted component made... Learn More
  20. Under Bonnet Wiring Harness Strap Black.jpg

    Restoration Wiring Loom Strap : Black

    replacement wiring loom strap as found on many chrysler, valiant, dodge & plymouth vehicles. suitable for use on inner fender & radiator support loom applications. sold individually. black in colour.... Learn More

    Regular Price: AU$3.86

    Special Price AU$2.99

  21. 115.51829 Reproduction Single Ballast Resistor.jpg

    Single Ballast Resistor : 2-pin : reproduction with factory part number & bracket

    Mopar authentic restoration product : factory correct reproduction ballast resistor as fitted to all chrysler, valiant, plymouth & dodge vehicles factory fitted with points & elb ignition systems. factory perfect in every detail, even has part number (2095501). complete with correct fasteners for installation. Learn More

    Regular Price: AU$124.08

    Special Price AU$91.50

  22. large_6842_ivr4.jpg

    Solid State Instrument Cluster Voltage Regulator : 1964-70 B-body (ivr4)

    Improved solid-state instrument voltage regulator. Direct replacement for original-equipment as found on 1969-70 b-body dodge & plymouth vehicles. Direct replacement Suits 1964-70 b-body Learn More

    Regular Price: AU$133.98

    Special Price AU$110.00

  23. large_2675_spade-pigtail.jpg

    Spade Fitting Pigtail

    direct replacement insulated electrical spade fitting, suits many various applications throughout chrysler, dodge, plymouth & valiant vehicles. quality plastic insulated spade fitting suits many applications Learn More
  24. large_3080_relay-cover.jpg

    Starter Relay Shield

    direct replacement starter relay high-tension cable shield as found on early steel-bodied starter relays. suits early starter relays protects against high-tension cable contact Learn More
  25. Indicator Cancelling Cam VJ VK IMG_6971 Small.jpg

    Turn-signal Cancelling Cam Repair Kit : suit 1970-74 B & E Body (VJ/VK)

    Got a 1970-74 b/e-body with a turn-signal switch that does not cancel? This direct replacement canceling cam with enable you to repair your original switch.Suits fitment to all 1970-74 chrysler,... Learn More

    Regular Price: AU$47.76

    Special Price AU$37.50

  26. 106.02433 Voltage Regulator heavy duty.jpg

    Voltage Regulator (USA heavy duty) : large type

    Replacement voltage regulator for use on demanding vehicles with high powered alternators. Quality USA made product. Learn More

    Regular Price: AU$152.68

    Special Price AU$115.00

  27. Wiring Loom : suit TorqueFlite 3 Pin Inhibitor Switch

    Wiring Loom : suit TorqueFlite 3 Pin Inhibitor Switch

    Genuine Mopar inhibitor switch fitting & partial loom to suit Torqueflite 904/727 transmissions using 3-pin neutral safety switch. Suits 904/727 as found in later model Chrysler/Valiant vehicles (1969-82) Fits... Learn More

    Regular Price: AU$60.00

    Special Price AU$45.90


27 Item(s)

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