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  1. 106.08188 Single Ballast Resistor with Bracket DSC02604.jpg

    2-Pin Ballast Resistor

    For use with electronic ignition system fitted with 4-pin ignition module and a non-12v coil.
    Learn More

    Regular Price: AU$25.00

    Special Price AU$23.75

  2. Twin Ballast Resistor (4 pin) Enlarged IMG_8151 2 Small.jpg

    4-Pin Ballast Resistor

    Suitable for use on vehicles running Chrysler electronic ignition system fitted with a 5-pin ignition module/box. Can also be used on vehicles with a 4-pin ignition module to keep original... Learn More

    Regular Price: AU$19.00

    Special Price AU$18.05

  3. 56832566_2307541669523987_3756195470129496064_n.jpg

    COSMETIC SECONDS - Ignition Control Unit, Factory-style (5-pin)

    COSMETIC SECONDS. Cracks in back filling and some scuff marks on the modules themselves. SELLING INDIVIDUALLY. This factory-style ignition control is an update to the factory fitted Chrysler black ignition... Learn More

    Regular Price: AU$63.50

    Special Price AU$60.33

  4. Bosch Cylinder Ignition Coil with Ballast IMG_5035.jpg

    Factory Style Bosch Ignition Coil (Cylinder type, female) : Suit factory ignition system with ballast resistor

    Genuine high quality Bosch ignition coil. Suitable for use with factory points electronic ignition. Learn More

    Regular Price: AU$55.50

    Special Price AU$52.73

  5. Narva 68060.jpg

    Narva Universal Four-Pin Fused Relay (#68060)

    Different to your regular style relays that utilise either resistor or diode circuit protection, narva's fused relays rely on a replaceable 30-amp standard ats blade fuse. suits 12-volt systems and comes complete with mounting tab for easy installation. Learn More
  6. large_4421_oil-pressure-sender.jpg

    Oil Pressure Sender : 1965-87 Chrysler, Dodge & Plymouth

    Direct replacement oil pressure sender switch to suit all 1965-87 chrysler, dodge & plymouth vehicles fitted with production oil pressure gauge meter. suitable for use on small-block & big-block v8 engines. Learn More

    Regular Price: AU$42.50

    Special Price AU$40.38

  7. 3 bolt starter.jpg

    Re-manufactured Starter Motor : 3 Bolt : Suit Dodge Truck

    Previously impossible to find! - Now re-manufactured high quality 3 bolt starter. Learn More

    Regular Price: AU$445.00

    Special Price AU$422.75

  8. 106.99997 Single Ballast Resistor.jpg

    Restoration 2-Pin Ballast Resistor

    Factory correct reproduction ballast resistor as fitted to many us-built plymouth & dodge vehicles factory fitted with points & elb ignition systems. also a direct replacement resistor for mopar performance... Learn More

    Regular Price: AU$32.50

    Special Price AU$30.88

  9. large_3227_BCB.jpg

    Restoration Battery Clamp Bolt

    authentic restoration battery clamp bolt as found on many chrysler, dodge, plymouth & valiant vehicles. factory-correct profile fastener, even down to the colour ! excellent reproduction of factory-fitted component made... Learn More

    Regular Price: AU$16.25

    Special Price AU$15.44

  10. 115.51829 Reproduction Single Ballast Resistor.jpg

    Single Ballast Resistor : 2-pin : reproduction with factory part number & bracket

    Mopar authentic restoration product : factory correct reproduction ballast resistor as fitted to all chrysler, valiant, plymouth & dodge vehicles factory fitted with points & elb ignition systems. factory perfect in every detail, even has part number (2095501). complete with correct fasteners for installation. Learn More

    Regular Price: AU$91.50

    Special Price AU$86.93

  11. large_3080_relay-cover.jpg

    Starter Relay Shield

    direct replacement starter relay high-tension cable shield as found on early steel-bodied starter relays. suits early starter relays protects against high-tension cable contact Learn More

    Regular Price: AU$12.50

    Special Price AU$11.88


11 Item(s)

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