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Fuel Caps

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  1. HPRB65 CL-CM Regal SE Wreath Emblem Badge.jpg

    "SE Wreath" Medallion Badge : Suit CL/CM Regal

    High quality factory-perfect reproduction. Suitable for use on CL/CM vehicles, was factory fitted to the C-pillars, wheel covers and locking fuel cap. Learn More
  2. Fuel Cap.JPG

    Chrome Lockable Fuel Cap : Suit AP5/AP6/VC/VE/VF/VG/VH/VJ/VK/CL/CM

    Suit AP5/AP6/VC/VE/VF/VG/VH/VJ/VK/CL/CM. Chrome, Lockable - Supplied with 2x keys, Push-in Type Fuel Cap Learn More
  3. Fuel Cap Conversion Ring : suit Charger R/T Flip Cap

    Fuel Cap Conversion Ring : suit Charger R/T Flip Cap

    Flip-top fuel cap conversion spacer R/T & 770 Charger flip fuel cap conversion ring enables you to retrofit a flip fuel cap to your Charger, sedan or hardtop. You don't... Learn More
  4. AP5-VG Stainless Steel Fuel Cap IMG_5301.jpg

    Fuel Cap, stainless steel (flat with handle) : suit AP5/AP6/VC/VE/VF/VG

    Although not exactly as fitted from factory, these caps are a period-style replacement as was available as a dealer option. Learn More
  5. Locking Fuel Cap RV1-SV1.jpg

    Locking Fuel Cap : suit RV1/SV1

    Universal stainless steel locking fuel cap to suit RV1 & SV1 Valiant vehicles. A great period modification that looks great and keeps your fuel secure! Bright stainless steel finish Suits... Learn More

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  6. Charger Fuel Flip Cap (brushed finish) with conversion ring DSC02654.jpg

    Reproduction Charger Flip Fuel Cap & Conversion Ring

    Includes conversion ring to fit to non-flip cap models. This set includes the most accurate aesthetic reproduction of the factory fitted flip cap - featuring original brushed profile. Learn More
  7. Reproduction Charger Flip Fuel Cap (with part number)

    Reproduction Charger Flip Fuel Cap (with part number)

    This cap features high shine chrome plating throughout. Does not have correct factory brushed finish on raised area. Learn More

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  8. Charger Fuel Flip Cap (brushed finish) DSC02654 Adjusted.jpg

    Reproduction Charger Flip Fuel Cap (without part number)

    Direct replacement flip-fuel cap as found on valiant charger r/t, ideal for your restoration or modify your streeter with a personal touch. Learn More
  9. chrome ap5 fuel cap.jpg

    Restoration Fuel Cap, chrome (flat with handle) : suit AP5/AP6/VC/VE/VF/VG

    This twist on fuel cap is a high quality chrome-plated reproduction of the fuel cap fitted to various early model Chrysler vehicles (AP5, AP6, VC, VE, VF, VG.) Learn More
  10. CL-CM Fuel Cap.jpg

    Zinc NON-Lockable Fuel Cap : Suit CL/CM

    Fuel Caps are designed to seal the vehicle fuel system to prevent evaporation and contamination. Learn More

10 Item(s)

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