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  1. large_7036_at-bumper.jpg

    Ashtray Door Bumper Set

    ashtray door bumper set restoration-correct rubber bumper rubber is a direct replacement for ashtray door. sold as a matched pair. may fit other various applications sold in a matched pair... Learn More
  2. large_6967_at4-bump.jpg

    Bonnet / Hood Side Wedge Rubber : At4/d5n Dodge Truck

    Hood side wedge : at4/d5n Dodge truck Reproduction rubber hood (bonnet) side-wedge to fit Dodge AT4/D5N trucks. Sold individually. Fits AT4/D5N Dodge & International trucks Made from rubber Made in... Learn More
  3. Clutch Bump Stop.JPG

    Clutch Pedal Return Stop Bumper

    Direct replacement clutch pedal return stop rubber, suits all dodge, plymouth, chrysler & valiant models fitted with manual transmission. Learn More
  4. large_5067_filler-neck-seal-at4.jpg

    Fuel Filler Neck To Body Seal : At4/d5n Dodge Truck

    Fuel filler neck to body seal : AT4/D5N Dodge truck Direct replacement fuel filler neck to body seal as found on AT4 & D5N Dodge truck models. Authentic rubber reproduction.... Learn More
  5. large_1680_filler-seal.jpg

    Fuel Tank Filler Neck Seal : suit AP5/AP6/VC/VE/VF/VG/VH/VJ/VK/CL/CM

    These genuine rubber replacements will seal your fuel tank for years. manufactured from precision steel-die tooling making them an exact replication of the original equipment seal. made from rubber -... Learn More
  6. Glovebox Bump.jpg

    Glovebox Door Bumper Set : VE/VF/VG/VH/VJ/VJ/VK/CL/CM

    Suitable for many applications, glove-box, fuel fillers, ashtray etc. Learn More
    Set of 2
  7. large_7059_bumper-seal-2.jpg

    Rear Bumper To Decklid "Bootlid" Seal : VE Sedan

    HP exclusive : original tooling located! Unique to Valiant VE sedan, this seal fits to the rear bumper as a dust seal. This is the first time this seal has... Learn More
  8. large_2506_hood-cump-2.jpg

    Restoration Bonnet Adjuster Bumper: with part number

    Mopar authentic restoration product : these bonnet (hood) stops are absolutely factory perfect, featuring factory part numbers and insignia logo. Direct replacement for original-equipment #2276804 & #2285963. Sold as... Learn More
    Set of 2
  9. large_7118_3540249-3.jpg

    Restoration Door Water Drain Cover : VH-cm

    Restoration door water drain cover : Suit all Models VH to CM Restoration-grade injection molded rubber door water drain cover as found on all VH-CM models. Usually missing from doors,... Learn More
  10. Repro Rubber Bonnet Adjuster Rubber Set DSC02614.jpg

    Restoration Rubber Under Bonnet Adjuster Bump Stop

    Replace your worn out bonnet adjuster rubbers with these factory replacements for a genuine looking finish. Learn More
    Set of 2
  11. large_7179_grommet.jpg

    Restoration Speedo Cable Grommet

    Restoration Speedo Cable Grommet Restoration-correct reproduction - finally there is now a rubber Speedo Cable Grommet correct for Australian Valiant applications. Manufactured from precision steel-die injection molding tooling, this reproduction... Learn More
  12. Replacement Brake and Clutch Pedal Pad RV1 SV1 AP5 AP6 VC Enlarged IMG_7616.jpg

    Rubber Brake/Clutch Pedal Pad : suit RV1/SV1/AP5/AP6/VC, 1962-66 A/B-Bodies (manual)

    This high quality reproduction pedal pad is made in rubber, just like the factory fitted one. Open for specific application information. Learn More
  13. cluthc through firewall boot.jpg

    Rubber Clutch Pushrod Firewall Boot : AP5/AP6/VC/VE/VF/VG/VH/VJ/VK/CL/CM

    Although this item is a direct reproduction of the us-based clutch pushrod boot, it is an ideal replacement for our Australian-based versions which were extremely frail. Also suitable for use... Learn More
  14. Rubber Firewall Heater/Loom Grommet: VE/VF/VG/VH/VJ/VJ/VK/CL/CM

    Rubber Firewall Heater/Loom Grommet: VE/VF/VG/VH/VJ/VJ/VK/CL/CM

    Reproduced from genuine new old Stock samples; this as per genuine rubber grommet features exact factory appearance and finish; Learn More
  15. Boot Slide.JPG

    Trunk Slider : suit 1963-74 A/B/C-Body

    Direct replacement trunk slider set as fitted to trunk spring and is the bearing that runs on trunk hinge. (2 per vehicle) Supplied as a pair. These sliders are also... Learn More
    Set of 2
  16. large_2489_breather-grommet.jpg

    Valve Cover Breather Cap Grommet : Small-block & Big-block

    Mopar authorised restoration product : this direct reproduction suits commerical 318-3 engines & Big Block engines. ~ Mopar restoration product ~ Direct reproduction of original (with part number) Learn More
  17. VC Rear Bumper Bar To Body Seal - (sedan/wagon/ute)

    VC Rear Bumper Bar To Body Seal - (sedan/wagon/ute)

    Rear bumper to decklid seal : VC HP exclusive : original tooling located! Unique to Valiant VC this seal fits to the rear bumper as a dust seal. This is... Learn More

17 Item(s)

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