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  1. large_7036_at-bumper.jpg

    Ashtray Door Bumper Set

    ashtray door bumper set restoration-correct rubber bumper rubber is a direct replacement for ashtray door. sold as a matched pair. may fit other various applications sold in a matched pair... Learn More

    Regular Price: AU$6.50

    Special Price AU$5.85

  2. large_6967_at4-bump.jpg

    Bonnet / Hood Side Wedge Rubber : At4/d5n Dodge Truck

    Hood side wedge : at4/d5n Dodge truck Reproduction rubber hood (bonnet) side-wedge to fit Dodge AT4/D5N trucks. Sold individually. Fits AT4/D5N Dodge & International trucks Made from rubber Made in... Learn More
  3. Clutch Bump Stop.JPG

    Clutch Pedal Return Stop Bumper

    Direct replacement clutch pedal return stop rubber, suits all dodge, plymouth, chrysler & valiant models fitted with manual transmission. Learn More

    Regular Price: AU$17.16

    Special Price AU$12.99

  4. large_1680_filler-seal.jpg

    Fuel Tank Filler Neck Seal : suit AP5/AP6/VC/VE/VF/VG/VH/VJ/VK/CL/CM

    These genuine rubber replacements will seal your fuel tank for years. manufactured from precision steel-die tooling making them an exact replication of the original equipment seal. made from rubber -... Learn More
  5. Glovebox Bump.jpg

    Glovebox Door Bumper Set : VE/VF/VG/VH/VJ/VJ/VK/CL/CM

    Suitable for many applications, glove-box, fuel fillers, ashtray etc. Learn More

    Regular Price: AU$14.69

    Special Price AU$7.99

    Set of 2
  6. large_2506_hood-cump-2.jpg

    Restoration Bonnet Adjuster Bumper: with part number

    Mopar authentic restoration product : these bonnet (hood) stops are absolutely factory perfect, featuring factory part numbers and insignia logo. Direct replacement for original-equipment #2276804 & #2285963. Sold as... Learn More
    Set of 2
  7. large_7118_3540249-3.jpg

    Restoration Door Water Drain Cover : VH-cm

    Restoration door water drain cover : Suit all Models VH to CM Restoration-grade injection molded rubber door water drain cover as found on all VH-CM models. Usually missing from doors,... Learn More

    Regular Price: AU$5.99

    Special Price AU$5.39

  8. Repro Rubber Bonnet Adjuster Rubber Set DSC02614.jpg

    Restoration Rubber Under Bonnet Adjuster Bump Stop

    Replace your worn out bonnet adjuster rubbers with these factory replacements for a genuine looking finish. Learn More

    Regular Price: AU$12.38

    Special Price AU$9.90

    Set of 2
  9. large_7179_grommet.jpg

    Restoration Speedo Cable Grommet

    Restoration Speedo Cable Grommet Restoration-correct reproduction - finally there is now a rubber Speedo Cable Grommet correct for Australian Valiant applications. Manufactured from precision steel-die injection molding tooling, this reproduction... Learn More
  10. Replacement Brake and Clutch Pedal Pad RV1 SV1 AP5 AP6 VC Enlarged IMG_7616.jpg

    Rubber Brake/Clutch Pedal Pad : suit RV1/SV1/AP5/AP6/VC, 1962-66 A/B-Bodies (manual)

    This high quality reproduction pedal pad is made in rubber, just like the factory fitted one. Open for specific application information. Learn More

    Regular Price: AU$30.00

    Special Price AU$24.00

  11. cluthc through firewall boot.jpg

    Rubber Clutch Pushrod Firewall Boot : AP5/AP6/VC/VE/VF/VG/VH/VJ/VK/CL/CM

    although this item is a direct reproduction of the us-based clutch pushrod boot, it is an ideal replacement for our australian-based versions which were extremely frail. also suitable for use... Learn More

    Regular Price: AU$24.94

    Special Price AU$23.69

  12. Rubber Firewall Heater/Loom Grommet: VE/VF/VG/VH/VJ/VJ/VK/CL/CM

    Rubber Firewall Heater/Loom Grommet: VE/VF/VG/VH/VJ/VJ/VK/CL/CM

    Reproduced from genuine new old Stock samples; this as per genuine rubber grommet features exact factory appearance and finish; Learn More

    Regular Price: AU$28.50

    Special Price AU$27.08

  13. Boot Slide.JPG

    Trunk Slider : suit 1963-74 A/B/C-Body

    Direct replacement trunk slider set as fitted to trunk spring and is the bearing that runs on trunk hinge. (2 per vehicle) Supplied as a pair. These sliders are also... Learn More

    Regular Price: AU$33.39

    Special Price AU$23.50

    Set of 2
  14. large_2489_breather-grommet.jpg

    Valve Cover Breather Cap Grommet : Small-block & Big-block

    Mopar authorised restoration product : this direct reproduction suits commerical 318-3 engines & Big Block engines. ~ Mopar restoration product ~ Direct reproduction of original (with part number) Learn More

14 Item(s)

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