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  1. Clutch Bump Stop.JPG

    Clutch Pedal Return Stop Bumper

    Direct replacement clutch pedal return stop rubber, suits all dodge, plymouth, chrysler & valiant models fitted with manual transmission. Learn More

    Regular Price: AU$12.99

    Special Price AU$12.34

  2. large_2792_SM72.jpg

    License Plate Light Wire Grommet : A/B/E-Body (1963-74)

    rubber license plate light wire to body grommet as found on all a, b & e bodies (1963-74). guaranteed 'factory-correct' reproduction of original fitted items, these restoration products are simply... Learn More

    Regular Price: AU$2.75

    Special Price AU$2.61

  3. large_6477_mirror-base.jpg

    Mirror Mounting Gasket : 1968-69 A-Body & 1968-70 B-Body

    mirror mounting gasket : 1968-69 a-body & 1968-70 b-body quality mirror mounting gasket to suit 1968-69 a-body & 1968-70 b-body sports coupes vehicles. these 'as-factory' reproductions are guaranteed to impress... Learn More

    Regular Price: AU$17.50

    Special Price AU$16.63

  4. large_3133_chzpad025.jpg

    Rubber Brake Pedal Pad : 1970-1972 E-Body & 1971-1972 B-Body (Auto)

    rubber brake pedal pad : 1970-1972 e-body & 1971-1972 b-body (auto) rubber brake pedal pad as found on 1970-1972 e-body & 1971-1972 b-body models. suits automatic transmission models only. these... Learn More

    Regular Price: AU$23.50

    Special Price AU$22.33

  5. large_4240_brake-pad-74.jpg

    Rubber Brake Pedal Pad : 1973-74 E-Body & 1973-1978 C-Body (Auto)

    rubber brake pedal pad : 1973-74 e-body & 1973-1978 c-body (auto) rubber brake pedal pad as found on 1973-1977 e-body & 1973-1978 c-body models. suits automatic transmission models only. these... Learn More

    Regular Price: AU$18.50

    Special Price AU$17.58

  6. 2019-1-7_19:7:53_IMG_20190108_130439.jpg

    Rubber Brake Pedal Pad : suit 1972-76 A-Body / 1973-74 B & E-Body (Automatic)

    This high quality reproduction pedal pad is made in rubber, just like the factory fitted one. Open for specific application information. Learn More

    Regular Price: AU$26.50

    Special Price AU$25.18

  7. large_2764_CB201.jpg

    Rubber Clutch & Brake Pedal Pad : B-Body (1971-72) & E-Body (1970-72)

    rubber clutch & brake pedal pad : b-body (1971-72) & e-body (1970-72) rubber clutch & brake pedal pad as found on b-body (1971-72) & e-body (1970-72). these restoration items are... Learn More

    Regular Price: AU$12.50

    Special Price AU$11.88

  8. Rubber Park Brake Pad : E-Body (1970-74)

    Rubber Park Brake Pad : E-Body (1970-74)

    rubber park brake pad as found on 1970-74 e-body models (challenger/barracuda). these restoration items are simply the best you can buy ! suits 1970-74 e-body made in usa perfectly molded... Learn More

    Regular Price: AU$15.75

    Special Price AU$14.96


8 Item(s)

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