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About Website

The current generation Hemi Performance website launched on September 29, 2015.
It is built on top of a tried, tested & expandable eCommerce platform called Magento.

Most changes are completed in-house by our resident tech guy, Kane.

If you're interested in just what's been done recently, you can check out the list below.
We'll try and include all changes here to satisfy your curiosity.



Issue # Type Task Date Complete
447 cosmetic Display tabbed content as stacked on product page 2023-02-03
446 maintenance Update Australia Post and StarTrack shipping rates 2022-11-28
445 enhancement Update AustPost/StarTrack shipping module to work with new rate formats 2022-11-28
444 enhancement Add PO Box surcharge into AusPost/StarTrack shipping module 2022-11-28
443 bug PHP Warning in contact page 2022-11-28
442 bug PHP Warning in upsell template 2022-11-28
441 bug PHP Warning Notice in Product API 2022-11-28
440 bug PHP Warning Notices in MyShopping feed generator 2022-11-28
439 bug Changing payment method while section is loading causes hang 2022-11-18
438 bug Shipping address not associated to card when saved using checkout 2022-11-18
437 bug Error when saving card details if order contains a virtual items 2022-11-18
436 bug Saving credit card in checkout with no shipping address results in fatal error 2022-11-16
435 bug Adding saved card using My Cards page results in fatal error 2022-11-16
434 feature Allow saved credit cards 2022-10-24
432 bug IOS web app followed link to ajaxify url 2022-10-11
431 bug ProductAPI: Attribute values created in lower-case 2022-10-11
430 feature MDBK Productswidget: Add sort by attribute and direction 2022-10-11
429 bug Disable payment gateway recurring order cron 2022-10-11
428 bug Error pages are cache on client side 2022-09-06
427 bug Zip payment gateway error on international or missing shipping address 2022-09-05
426 feature Update Zip payment gateway 2022-09-05
424 bug Order API: Better handling for reward points tax 2022-07-04
423 enhancement, admin ProductAPI: Allow setting of image labels 2022-07-04
422 bug CoreDeposits: Multiple core deposits doesn't work 2022-07-04
420 bug Sign Up form can be submitted multiple times 2022-05-03
419 cosmetic Remove password from customer signup confirmation email 2022-05-03
418 maintenance Replace deprecated "each" PHP function 2022-05-03
415 bug Session errors `Mage_Core_Model_Session_Exception` caused by `useValidateSessionExpire()` function 2022-04-28
417 feature Major Facelift 2022-04-02
410 feature New Menu Nav Bar 2022-04-02
409 feature, enhancement Improve functionality of My Cart popup 2022-04-02
408 feature, enhancement Clean Up "My Cart" page 2022-04-02
416 admin Exception Log Watcher 2022-03-30
414 admin Admin Tool: SortCategories - move to shell subdirectory 2022-03-30
413 admin Admin Tool: All2Anchor - Move to shell subdirectory 2022-03-30
400 bug Add to wishlist for guest user causes fatal error 2022-03-30
412 enhancement, admin ProductAPI: Can't push attributes that contain a comma 2022-02-24
407 cosmetic Scale / Zoom banner image on mouse hover 2022-02-11
405 cosmetic, bug Navigation menu needs to expand document height 2022-02-11
404 cosmetic Remove body bg colour to prevent flash 2022-02-11
399 patch PHP upgrade Compatibility 2022-02-11
391 patch Re-implement updated code when able 2022-02-11
386 cosmetic Inconsistent EOL chars in global.css 2022-02-11
403 enhancement Improve fatal error webmaster notification email 2022-02-09
402   PHP upgrade Compatibility. Issue #399 2022-01-31
398 patch Magento Patch 2022-01-17
397 patch Magento Patch 2022-01-17
396 patch Magento Patch 2022-01-17
395 patch Applied patch 2022-01-17
394 bug MDBK ProductWidget: Uses wrong timezone 2022-01-14
392 bug Better error handling in payment module 2021-12-02
367 feature, admin ProductAPI: Support for configurable products 2021-11-11
390 bug Product Review API: Duplicate ratings for some reviews 2021-11-05
389 feature Add Partial Shipping support 2021-09-03
388 cosmetic OneStepCheckout Payment method selection requires title/alt 2021-09-03
387 bug TableRates shipping carrier removes virtual products value from future rate calls 2021-09-03
385 maintenance Update Search Extension 2021-08-25
384 maintenance Software Update 2021-08-25
382 enhancement Wishlist email sharing to be disabled to prevent spam 2021-08-24
381 cosmetic Add separate logo for Print-Only media view 2021-08-24
380 bug MDBK_EmbedURL: Fix embedding forms that use GET method 2021-08-24
379 cosmetic Mini-Facelift to Header 2021-08-13
378 cosmetic My Cart page cluttered with buttons 2021-08-13
377 feature Add bouncing down arrow to all scrollable pages 2021-08-13
376 feature, enhancement Feature: Implement new address auto-complete 2021-08-05
375 bug MyShopping feed: Wrong product URLs 2021-08-05
374 feature Add schema.org Microdata for product pages 2021-08-05
373 bug Ajax Add To Cart/Wishlist doesn't work on infinite scroll pages 2020-11-27
372 enhancement, admin ProductAPI: Better logging (report if value has changed or not) 2020-11-26
371 enhancement, admin ProductAPI: Null stock_data vars are equal to 0 so don't detect changes 2020-11-26
370 enhancement, admin ProductAPI: Toggle logging on/off 2020-11-26
369 enhancement, admin ProductAPI: Cannot update update existing image type 2020-11-26
368 bug ProductAPI: Set out of stock status 2020-08-10
366 admin Disable old synchronization extension 2020-08-05
365 bug Display stock availability option ignored by Group/Configurable items 2020-06-29
364 admin clear.sh: Shell script to clear all caches 2020-06-29
363 admin fixgrid.php: Shell script to re-add missing orders to backend order grid 2020-06-29
362 cosmetic, bug My Cart: Line items display is useless on mobile display 2020-06-24
360 enhancement, admin ProductAPI: Implement function to update stock quantity only 2020-06-07
358 admin Create basic ProductAPI 2020-06-03
357 bug, admin MDBK Autoexport: Start date for order grid is saved in wrong format 2020-06-03
355 bug MDBK Autoexport: Invoice export triggered when Credit Memo is created 2020-05-14
356 enhancement MDBK Autoexport: Admin should grid should allow re-export of orders 2020-05-07
354 bug MDBK Autoexport: Invoice export triggered on view 2020-05-01
353 feature Email websmaster on FATAL ERRORs 2020-04-30
352 bug MDBK Autoexport: Errors cause customer orders to fail 2020-04-30
351 bug MDBK Autoexport: Throwing error when exporting customer 2020-04-30
350 feature MDBK Autoexport: Create module to export records automatically 2020-04-30
349 enhancement Better cron timing control 2020-04-30
348 enhancement Shopping Feed: Add title prefix/suffix and description prefix 2020-04-30
347 enhancement Shopping Feed: Add ability to exclude items 2020-04-30
346 feature Fix weird Log Out / Log In behavior 2020-01-16
345 enhancement Price Match Request: Various improvements 2020-01-16
344 bug MDBK All: Invalid system.xml format 2020-01-16
343 bug Undefined variable "Upper Limit0" in AusPost eParcel shipping method 2020-01-16
342 bug Banner Slider: Creates erroneous cookie 2020-01-16
341 bug Gift Voucher extension: Broken by issue #328 2020-01-16
340 patch Magento Patch 2020-01-14
339 patch Magento Patch 2020-01-14
338 feature Magento: Update ZipMoney Payment Method 2020-01-14
337 patch Magento Patch 2020-01-13
336 enhancement Magento: Allow forced client refresh of javascript/css includes 2020-01-08
335 bug Magento: Missing media files don't return plain 404 2020-01-08
334 admin Magento: Backend log viewer 2020-01-08
333 patch Magento Patch 2020-01-07
332 patch Magento Patch 2020-01-07
330 bug Magento: Forgotton password page blank 2020-01-07
328 patch Magento Patch 2020-01-07
329 bug OneStepCheckout: Fatal error when no default address 2020-01-06
327 patch Magento Patch 2019-12-30
326 enhancement Mage: Prevent leaking of admin backend url (properly) 2019-12-30
325 patch Magento Patch 2019-12-20
323 admin DB backup shell script: Ignore optional tables 2019-12-20
322 remove OneStepCheckout: Default address is bad! 2019-12-20
321 bug enhancement OneStepCheckout: Ship to different address not remembered 2019-12-20
320 bug OneStepCheckout: Shipping Method not selected 2019-12-20
319 bug OneStepCheckout / Reward Points: "Login to earn" link error 2019-12-20
318 bug Ajax Cart / Reward Points: "Login to earn" link error 2019-12-20
317 bug Ajax Cart: Reward Points don't work after page update 2019-12-20
313 bug Ajax Cart: Coupon section doesn't update on cart page 2019-12-20
310 patch Magento Patch 2019-12-20
298 bug Mage: Customer login fails silently 2019-12-20
299 bug Mage: Customer login hangs 2019-12-19
315 admin enhancement Shopping Feed: Better category path filtering 2019-12-18
314 admin feature Shopping Feed: Add API credential support 2019-12-18
311 bug Gift Voucher: Automatic email to recipient not working 2019-12-17
309 patch Magento Patch 2019-12-16
308 patch Magento Patch 2019-12-16
307 admin bug Custom Indexer: Cron PHP file needs path set 2019-12-16
306 enhancement Shopping Feed: Inefficient product loading 2019-12-16
305 admin Shopping Feed: Page hangs 2019-12-16
304 patch Magento Patch 2019-12-06
302 maintenance MDBK AusPostEparcel: Update shipping rates 2019-12-06
301 bug MDBK AusPostEparcel: Configurable/Matrix items not calculating correctly 2019-12-06
300 feature MDBK AssociateGuestOrder: Allow guest checkout order to link to customer account 2019-12-06
297 bug Mage: Prevent leaking of admin backend url 2019-12-06
295 enhancement Banner Slider: Add time to date selector 2019-12-06
294 admin Set up git configuration files 2019-12-06
293 admin Log SOAP messages 2019-12-06
291 admin All-in-one script for staging deployment 2019-12-06
290 admin Security 2019-12-06
289 admin Separate .htaccess for production and staging environment. 2019-12-06
66 cosmetic Cosmetic: OneStepCheckout - Merge SKU into name column 2019-12-06
288 admin Improve DB restore script to support effortless staging deployment 2019-12-05
286 enhancement MDBK Vieworder: Created/installed module. Redirects from built in Magento view/order pages to custom check-status-order.html page which pulls data from ERP. TODO: Add ability to view phone orders in customer order list 2019-12-05
285 cosmetic CSS: Cleaned up printable product page 2019-12-05
0281 Bugfix Contact Page: fix undefined 'send' variable in error log 2018-03-09
0282 Bugfix View Product Page: fix undefined "LongDescription" variable in error log 2018-03-09
0283 Bugfix MDBK SimpleConfigurator: Fix various undefined variable errors 2018-03-09
0284 Bugfix MDBK SimpleConfigurator: Add missing CSS class to global.css file to show pricing when toggling adding of optional items 2018-03-09
0257 Bugfix Updated MDBK AusPostEparcel module to version 1.12. Some international rates were being calculated incorrectly. 2017-09-12
0251 Improvement Strip redundent CSS 2017-09-08
0252 Feature Make site usable in IE7-10 (pending issue: checkout does not function in IE7) 2017-08-25
0254 Improvement Prevent extensions adding CSS files to page head. Use manual global.css file instead 2017-08-25
0255 Bugfix Fix missing OneStepCheckout resources (images) 2017-08-25
0256 Bugfix Fix missing webfont files 2017-08-25
0250 Improvement Make drop-down category menu clickable, don't react to hover. 2017-08-23
0248 Cosmetic Change top-right links and shopping cart link colours to darker blue 2017-08-17
0249 Cosmetic Change search box text to "Item Search... (Try : hemi water pump)" 2017-08-17
0072 Improvement Cosmetic: Add short description from full description when missing 2017-08-16
0242 Cosmetic Clean up wasted space at top of page 2017-08-16
0243 Cosmetic Change add to cart qty field label to "Qty To Add" on product page 2017-08-16
0244 Improvement Show truncated full description if not short description is provided (product and list page) 2017-08-16
0245 Cosmetic Add "View Full Item Description" link on product pages 2017-08-16
0246 Bugfix Fix bug caused by issue 244. Was showing templating code in short description. 2017-08-16
0247 Cosmetic Move drop-down shop by category menu up to fix gap 2017-08-16
0241 Bugfix PayPal IPN endpoint change. 2017-06-15
0238 Feature Create new widget to allow external URLs to be embeded into pages. Module named: MDBK_Embedurl 2017-05-10
0229 Feature StarTrack shipping option 2017-03-08
0230 Bugfix StarTrack was calculating pricebreaks incorrectly 2017-03-08
0224 Cosmetic Make product review list and view prettier 2017-01-30
0223 Feature Installed MDBK Smtpmailer module. Allows sending of DKIM/SPF/DMARC verified emails. 2017-01-20
0222 Bugfix Updated MDBK AusPostEparcel module to version 1.11. International postage was not working at all. 2017-01-10
0221 Improvement Updated MDBK AusPostEparcel module to version 1.10. Large items should calculate more correctly, also satchels shouldn't be offered for items that are too large. 2017-01-02
0237 Feature Order Status Checker: Check order status on website by email/name/order number 2017
0220 Cosmetic Changed One Step Checkout "City" field label to "Suburb" 2016-12-22
0216 Cosmetic Page and block title font size changed erratically pending device size 2016-10-14
0217 Improvement Moved category/search filters to left-hand side, or top on mobile device 2016-10-14
0218 Feature Installed Kane_Productcategories extension. Shows related item categories on product pages 2016-10-14
0219 Cosmetic Moved CSS from layer/state.phml template into styles.css 2016-10-14
0215 Bugfix MDBK Productswidget "new products" list doesn't order by new product start date 2016-09-27
0212 Bugfix CSS update to fix ZipMoney learn more popup in checkout 2016-07-27
0210 Cosmetic Small CSS and Javascript changes to make CCV tooltip popup nicer 2016-07-26
0211 Feature Added ZipMoney payment method 2016-07-26
0206 Bugfix Updated MDBK AusPostEparcel module. Allows weight items to be split across packages (unless flagged as oversize in attributes.) Fixed some rate calculations 2016-07-19
0207 Bugfix Updated MDBK AusPostEparcel module. Fixed some rate calculations. 2016-07-19
0208 Improvement Updated MDBK AusPostEparcel module. Allows weight items to be split across packages (unless flagged as oversize in attributes.) 2016-07-19
0209 Bugfix Updated MDBK AusPostEparcel module. International options were being excluded based on the TOTAL order weight. Fixed, now using each individual package weight to check if a method is applicable. 2016-07-19
0183 Improvement Contact Page submit confirmation to have disclosure of long reply delays 2016-07-12
0197 Bugfix Added MyShopping.com.au sales tracking code (Reverted commit from R80, applied to theme template this time.) 2016-07-08
0198 Admin Fix SVN name change error. /shop/app/locale/de_DE/Mage_Oauth.csv & Mage_oauth.csv 2016-07-08
0199 Admin Fix SVN name change error. /shop/app/locale/de_DE/Mage_Oauth.csv & Mage_oauth.csv 2016-07-08
0202 Cosmetic Make OneStepCheckout prettier. Better instructions, better formating, pictures for payment methods, scroll down arrow. 2016-07-08
0203 Cosmetic Update/Fix/Clean CSS styling. Main changes: removed * { margin/padding 0 } and replaced with specific tags classes. 2016-07-08
0204 Cosmetic Update PayPal payment mark to hide in checkout (to suit new CSS applied last revision) 2016-07-08
0205 Cosmetic Fix new CSS styling to have no margin on product page option lists. 2016-07-08
0194 Bugfix Fixed MDBK AusPostEparcel module so it won't offer international services over the maximum weight specificed in the rate file. 2016-07-06
0195 Bugfix Fixed international shipping rates CSV file to correct column name for maximum service weight (for MDBK AusPostEparcel module) 2016-07-06
0196 Improvement Added new option in MDBK AusPostEparcel module to specify individual items as "too large" to ship. (this allows us to calculate rates for items larger than 22kg but exclude some manually.) 2016-07-06
0200 Admin Created script to associate guest order with customer. 2016-06-22
0191 Feature Automatic Indexing Cron Script 2016-06-17
0187 Feature Allow change of product type in backend 2016-06-14
0188 Improvement Allow whitelist of IPs when store in maintenance mode 2016-06-14
0190 Cosmetic Create new error/maintenance pages with HP logo 2016-06-14
0185 Feature MDBK Deleteshipment extension. Allows order shipments to be removed. 2016-05-30
0181 Bugfix Add timestamp to merged CSS / JS files 2016-04-27
0182 Cosmetic Highlight product sale price in RED 2016-04-27
0180 Feature Added MyShopping.com.au sales tracking code 2016-04-21
0174 Update Update Australia Post postage rates 2016-04-06
0173 Improvement Upgrade website for new PayPal security updates 2016-03-30
0167 Bugfix Add customer email address (and phone number) into order confirmation email sent to HP NZ 2016-03-29
0177 Bugfix Update theme page header to include outdated browser warning 2016-03-15
0178 Feature Update order API to put options into string called "options_string" on export 2016-03-11
0179 Feature Update order API to change legacy listing SKUs to "LEGACY-LISTING" on export 2016-03-11
0163 Cosmetic Replaced no image placeholder with HP logo 2016-02-22
0176 Bugfix Update product API to work with multiple websites. 2016-02-22
0160 Improvement Allow custom "out of stock" message per-product. 2016-02-19
0161 Bugfix MDBK AusPostEparcel system config changed to "website" scope. 2016-02-19
0162 Bugfix NZTransfer payment/shipping method system config changed to "website" scope. 2016-02-19
0159 Improvement Fix configurable kit to display correctly for options with and without "Remove" or "Include" 2016-02-12
0087 Cosmetic Complete "zipMoney" static block (for page) 2016
0105 Feature Implement "zipMoney" payment module 2016
0114 Improvement Move layered navigation filers to top on mobile 2016
0122 Improvement Setup apache caching 2016
0193 Admin Updated basic test script for SOAPv1, apitest.php. Created basic script to test SOAPV2 api calls: apitestv2.php 2015-11-13
0157 Feature Added temporary fix to display static kit item availability to customers 2015-10-27
0156 Improvement Upgrade NetSuite connector module (from to 3.4.3) 2015-10-14
0155 Bugfix Fixed invalid email formats being accepted for customer registration 2015-10-13
0154 Cosmetic Move unit measurement on listing pages when "As low as" text is displayed (CSS update) 2015-10-09
0153 Improvement Upgrade MDBK SimpleConfigurator module from 1.4 to 1.4.1. Customizable kits are made prettier. 2015-10-08
0152 Improvement Upgrade MDBK SimpleConfigurator module from 1.3 to 1.4. Customizable kits are made prettier. 2015-10-07
0150 Bugfix Update Sales Order API to suit upgraded Reward Points module (MG export) 2015-10-02
0151 Improvement Upgrade MDBK AusPostEparcel module from 1.0.1 to 1.0.2 2015-10-02
0148 Cosmetic Description images restricted to 100 - 70% width depending on viewport (prevents images overflowing the description box on item pages) (CSS Update) 2015-10-01
0149 Bugfix Show core deposit cost in cart and checkout when core is in configurator kit 2015-10-01
0147 Improvement Install Google Analytics module. 2015-09-29
0146 Improvement Added email to field to contact form to support different receipients 2015-09-25
0141 Cosmetic Make add-to product links uniform (wishlist, review, email) (CSS Update) 2015-09-22
0142 Cosmetic Tidy product page responsive design (add to cart, and pricematch buttons) (CSS Update) 2015-09-22
0143 Improvement Fix product reviews 2015-09-22
0144 Improvement Added unit measurement beside quantity box on product page 2015-09-22
0145 Cosmetic Hide stock level for items that don't support stock yet 2015-09-22
0137 Improvement Update Reward Points module 2015-09-21
0138 Cosmetic Red validation text made larger (CSS Update) 2015-09-18
0139 Cosmetic Payment instructions in checkout and my account given margins (CSS Update) 2015-09-18
0140 Feature Added kane_nztransfer module. Contains shipping carrier and payment method that forwards order to New Zealand branch. Also disables reward points and gift card redemption in cart/checkout. 2015-09-18
0136 Improvement Use JS to make links iOS web app compatible 2015-09-10
0073 Cosmetic Change "Tax/Vat Number" to ABN on sign up 2015-09-09
0113 Feature Allow tracking of eParcel/Fastway/Couriers Please/Toll Express (Upgrade Kane_Apiextensions from V0.1.0 to 0.1.2) 2015-09-09
0123 Cosmetic Remove useless links from My Account navigation block (Update Kane_Apiextensions from V0.1.0 to 0.1.2) 2015-09-09
0124 Cosmetic Change "ZIP" to "Postcode" in address, and track my orders page. 2015-09-09
0125 Cosmetic Change "Orders and Returns" title to "Track My Order" 2015-09-09
0126 Cosmetic Change "VAT" to "ABN" in various pages 2015-09-09
0127 Cosmetic Add Apple/Andriod icons to HTML head 2015-09-09
0128 Cosmetic Made dropdown selection on guest form (orders and returns) translatable + put Postcode as first selection instead of Email 2015-09-09
0129 Improvement Make NetSuite connector custom shipping method available selection in backend rules (promos etc) 2015-09-09
0130 Cosmetic Change required field asterisk to red (CSS update) 2015-09-09
0131 Improvement Upgrade to PHP 5.5 2015-09-09
0132 Improvement Install/Configure Memcached 2015-09-09
0133 Improvement Install/Configure Zend Opcache 2015-09-09
0134 Cosmetic Fix Ajax Cart popup appearing off top of mobile screen 2015-09-09
0135 Cosmetic Allow sticky content that doesn't hide on mobile devices 2015-09-09
0083 Cosmetic Complete "Privacy Policy" page 2015-09-07
0081 Cosmetic Complete Gift Card item 2015-08-24
0082 Cosmetic Complete "Customer Service" page (Subsection: Ordering) 2015-08-24
0093 Cosmetic Complete "Customer Service" page (Subsection: Updating Account Information) 2015-08-24
0115 Improvement Hide "out of stock" notice from non-managed stock items (example, services) 2015-08-24
0104 Feature Layered navigation with filtering 2015-08-21
0109 Improvement Upgrade NetSuite connector module 2015-08-21
0107 Feature Send fulfillment email when order is marked as sent by API 2015-08-20
0110 Cosmetic Update logo.png and logo.gif in theme 2015-08-20
0111 Cosmetic Update logo in Transactional Emails 2015-08-20
0112 Cosmetic Create shipment notification email template for connector created fulfillments (uses comments template) 2015-08-20
0084 Cosmetic Complete "Smartphone Ready" page 2015-08-13
0086 Cosmetic Complete "The New Hemi Performance" page 2015-08-13
0094 Cosmetic Complete "Empty Category or Search Results" static block 2015-08-13
0106 Cosmetic Add payment methods banner to homepage slider 2015-08-13
0051 Cosmetic Cosmetic: Remove 'add to compare' links. 2015-08-11
0074 Improvement Add "Sale Unit" attribute to category listing pages near price 2015-08-11
0098 Cosmetic Typo fix for account signup earn points promotion (Earn %s for registering a new account.) 2015-08-11
0099 Improvement Install reCAPTCHA module 2015-08-11
0100 Improvement Change captcha on signup and custom contact form to use reCAPTCHA 2015-08-11
0103 Bugfix Add fonts for bootstrap 2015-08-11
0192 Admin Script to set all categories as anchor: all2anchor.php 2015-08-11
0077 Cosmetic DOB Fields on signup page are too small 2015-08-10
0096 Bugfix "Remember Me" tooltip on login/signup pages directs browser to javascript url 2015-08-10
0097 Cosmetic Move CAPTCHA to bottom of signup page (after remember me checkbox) 2015-08-10
0101 Bugfix dbdump.sh shell script had required mysql statements commented out 2015-08-10
0102 Bugfix dbrestore.sh shell script. Fixed update of config entires 2015-08-10
0079   Complete "Contact Us" static block (for submitting cases) 2015-08-07
0078   Complete "Price Match Guarantee" static block (for page) 2015-06-15
0080 Cosmetic Complete "Who Are We" static block (for page) 2015-06-12
0085   Complete "404 Not Found" page 2015-06-12
0088   Complete "Customer Service" page (Subsection: Shipping & Delivery) 2015-06-12
0089   Complete "Customer Service" page (Subsection: Payment, Pricing & Promotions) 2015-06-12
0090   Complete "Customer Service" page (Subsection: Warranty, Returns & Replacements) 2015-06-12
0091   Complete "Customer Service" page (Subsection: Privacy & Security) 2015-06-12
0092   Complete "Customer Service" page (Subsection: Viewing Orders) 2015-06-12
0034 Bugfix Disable browser auto-fill in for address field on OneStepCheckout 2015-05-15
0033   Fix Core Deposit Script 2015-05-13
0062   MDBK SimpleConfigurator: Fix merging of customer/guest cart 2015-05-08
0063   Kane CoreDeposits: Fix merging of customer/guest cart 2015-05-08
0060   MDBK DiscountWatcher: Fix error/warnings from being thrown when referring to non-existent discounts/items 2015-04-30
0061   MDBK DiscountWatcher: Add getByOrderId and getByOrderItemId functions 2015-04-30
0053   MDBK SimpleConfigurator: Fix price shown for product. Needs to include standard items. 2015-04-29
0052   Cosmetic: View Cart - Remove quantity and/or price columns from core deposit and configurator children 2015-04-23
0054   Cosmetic: Make instant search work 2015-04-23
0055   Cosmetic: Fix 'pricematch' button position on product page when editing/configuring product already in cart 2015-04-23
0056   MDBK SimpleConfigurator: Fix ability to edit/configure parent item 2015-04-23
0057   Kane Core Deposit: Fix ability to edit/configure parent item 2015-04-23
0041   Cosmetic: OneStepCheckout- Payment Methods 2015-04-22
0047   Cosmetic: MageStore Ajax Cart 2015-04-22
0048   Theme: Item 'details' link in category adds product to cart instead of opening product page 2015-04-22
0049   Cosmetic: Configurator items need all components selected by default 2015-04-22
0050   Remove Jquery JS file from Promotional Gift Caresol in checkout 2015-04-22
0046   Allow widget product links in product descriptions 2015-04-20
0045   Fix JS Conflict. Theme conflicts with MageStore Banner Slider 2015-04-17
0033   Fix MageStore Ajax Cart 2015-04-13
0034   Fix MageStore Gift Voucher 2015-04-13
0035   Fix MageStore Promotional Gift 2015-04-13
0036   Fix MageStore Banner Slider 2015-04-13
0043   Cosmetic: Make mobile menu easier to use 2015-04-09
0044   Cosmetic: Change colour of text in mobile header from black to white 2015-04-09
0037   Fix header menu in view cart and checkout 2015-04-08
0038   Cosmetic: OneStepCheckout- Ship To Different Address checkbox is too large 2015-04-08
0039   Cosmetic: OneStepCheckout- Borders in order review (items) table 2015-04-08
0040   Cosmetic: OneStepCheckout- Remove quantity and/or price columns from core deposit and configurator children 2015-04-08
0042   Cosmetic: OneStepCheckout- Add SKU column 2015-04-08
0030   Re-write cart update code for core deposit extension 2015-03-31
0031 Feature Write cart update code for simple configurator extension 2015-03-31
0032   Display core deposit charge on item page 2015-03-15

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