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Price Match Guarantee

Hemi Performance is focused on offering high quality products to customers at competitive prices, giving friendly knowledgeable service and additional benefits such as our loyalty points.
Our price match guarantee policy applies to personal shopping for products and services offered in our online store.

What is a Price Match?
A Price Match is when Hemi Performance will match the product price of a competitor and, where possible, offer an additional 5% discount to the competitor's price.

If a competitor is offering a cheaper price on a product, Hemi Performance may Price Match if:

  • The price match is requested prior to purchase
  • The competitor is an Australian store
  • The product is either:
    • identical (same brand, model/style)
    • comparable in likeness (as deemed by Hemi Performance)
  • The product is in stock and available for immediate sale by the competitor
  • A Hemi Performance staff member is able to verify the price and availability of the product

No further discounts or promotions, such as free or discount additional items, will be honoured where a Price Match has been approved.

Hemi Performance will not match the competitor's price if:

  • It is below our cost price
  • The conditions for the Price Match (above) are not met
  • The competitor's product is:
    • a demonstration model, second hand or refurbished
    • sourced from a store or supplier that has special conditions or trading limitations, or a business under insolvency administration
    • sourced from an unauthorised reseller
  • The competitor is not an Australian store

Hemi Performance will not further discount a price if:

  • It is within 5% of our price


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