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  1. large_7004_pcv-1.jpg

    Brake Booster Check Valve Set : Chrysler/Dodge/Plymouth (1966-75)

    replacement brake booster check valve & grommet set. will fit various chrysler, dodge, plymouth a/b/c-body applications. vehicle application chrysler imperial 1967-1973 chrysler new yorker 1969-1973 chrysler newport 1969-1973 chrysler town... Learn More

    Regular Price: AU$29.50

    Special Price AU$28.03

  2. large_6837_bleeder-1.jpg

    Brake Caliper Bleeder Screw : VG/VH

    direct replacement brake caliper bleeder screw as found on VG & VH models fitted with original-equipment disc brakes. screw size : 3/8-24 x 1-1/2. suits all vehicles fitted with VG/VH... Learn More

    Regular Price: AU$6.25

    Special Price AU$5.94

  3. VJ Caliper Bleed Screw.jpg

    Brake Caliper Bleeder Screw : VJ/VJ/VK/CL/CM

    New Bleed Screw for VJ/VK Girlock Calipers Learn More

    Regular Price: AU$4.50

    Special Price AU$4.28

  4. large_5565_disc-brake-bplate.jpg

    Disc Brake Dust Shield : 1968-74 A-Body, B-Body & E-Body

    disc brake dust shield : 1968-74 a-body, b-body & e-body direct replacement disc-brake dust shields to suit all 1968-74 a/b/e-body dodge & plymouth vehicles fitted with original equipment disc-brakes. stamped-steel... Learn More

    Regular Price: AU$110.00

    Special Price AU$104.50

  5. large_6946_slipper.jpg

    Interleaf Spring Slipper Insert

    interleaf spring slipper insert replacement interleaf spring slipper as found on australian chrysler/valiant vehicles. sold in a two-piece set as pictured. individual interleaf spring slipper fits all australian chrysler &... Learn More

    Regular Price: AU$8.50

    Special Price AU$8.08

    Set of 2
  6. large_5191_LCA-bumper.jpg

    Lower Control Arm Bumper : 1973+ B-Body / 1974 E-Body

    oe-quality direct replacement lower control arm bumper as found on 1973+ b-body & 1974 e-body dodge & plymouth vehicles. sold individually (2 x required per vehicle) application : dodge challenger... Learn More

    Regular Price: AU$24.50

    Special Price AU$23.28

  7. Mopar Torsion bar clips and boots.jpg

    Mopar Torsion Bar Boot & Locking Clip Set

    These licensed mopar authentic restoration products are manufactured from original tooling, promising perfect fit & factory look! These genuine mopar rubber replacements are guaranteed to seal & fit the way they should. Replacement clips are also provided in the kit. Learn More
  8. large_5915_593.jpg

    Park Brake Cable Connector : 1972-74 A/B/C/E-Body

    park brake cable connector : 1972-74 a/b/c/e-body correct parking brake cable connector for 1972-74 a/b/c/e-body applications. made from correct gauge material and zinc plated. original equipment #3575593. fits1972-74 a, b,... Learn More

    Regular Price: AU$18.50

    Special Price AU$17.58

  9. large_5914_950.jpg

    Park Brake Front To Intermediate Cable Connector : 1971 B/E-Body

    park brake front to intermediate cable connector : 1971 b/e-body correct parking brake cable front-to-intermediate connector for 1971 b & e-body applications. made from correct gauge material and hot dip... Learn More

    Regular Price: AU$36.50

    Special Price AU$34.68

  10. large_2721_549.jpg

    Parking Brake Handle : 1968-74 A-Body

    restoration park brake handle package as found on a-body mopars. complete with factory-correct handle & installation cotter pin. add the final touch to your a-body interior with this hi-quality 'as-factory'... Learn More

    Regular Price: AU$39.20

    Special Price AU$37.24

  11. large_3622_PARK-RELEASE-HANDLE-E.jpg

    Parking Brake Release Handle : 1966-74 B-Body & 1970-74 E-Body

    parking brake release handle : 1966-74 b-body & 1970-74 e-body restoration park brake release handle package as found on 1966-74 b-body & 1970-74 e-body dodge & plymouth vehicles. complete with... Learn More

    Regular Price: AU$36.85

    Special Price AU$35.01

  12. large_7005_4092.jpg

    Power Brakes Vacuum Hose Fitting

    excellent reproduction of the vacuum fitting found on the intake manifold for power brake applications with 1/8” auxiliary connection. machined with the correct tall hex base with 3/8” npt threads,... Learn More

    Regular Price: AU$58.50

    Special Price AU$55.58

  13. large_4188_resto-swaybar.jpg

    Restoration Swaybar Link Package : 1968-74 A-Body & 1968-74 B-Body

    restoration swaybar link package : 1968-74 a-body & 1968-74 b-body hi-quality restoration correct front swaybar link hardware kit supplied with authentic rubber bushings as found on all 1968-74 a-body &... Learn More

    Regular Price: AU$78.60

    Special Price AU$74.67

  14. large_2759_CB197.jpg

    Rubber Park Brake Pad : B-Body (1963-64)

    rubber park brake pad as found on 1963-64 b-body models & 1965 belvedere/coronet. these restoration items are simply the best you can buy ! suits 1963-64 b-body & 1965 belvedere/coronet... Learn More

    Regular Price: AU$18.75

    Special Price AU$17.81

  15. large_2762_CB200B.jpg

    Rubber Park Brake Pad : B-Body (1966-70)

    molded rubber with park brake pad, suits all 1966-70 b-body models. these restoration items are simply the best you can buy ! suits 1966-70 b-body made in usa detailed restoration... Learn More

    Regular Price: AU$15.75

    Special Price AU$14.96

  16. Rubber Park Brake Pad : E-Body (1970-74)

    Rubber Park Brake Pad : E-Body (1970-74)

    rubber park brake pad as found on 1970-74 e-body models (challenger/barracuda). these restoration items are simply the best you can buy ! suits 1970-74 e-body made in usa perfectly molded... Learn More

    Regular Price: AU$15.75

    Special Price AU$14.96

  17. large_3226_STRUT-CBODY.jpg

    Strut Rod Bush Set : 1965-73 C-Body

    Oe-quality strut rod bushing package as found on 1965-73 chrysler, dodge & plymouth c-body, including australian dodge phoenix vehicles. 4-piece set. Learn More
  18. large_305_k7061.jpg

    Swaybar Bushing Kit : 1965-74 C-Body

    Direct replacement for original equipment swaybar mount and link bushing kit as found on 1965-74 chrysler, dodge & plymouth c-body vehicles. Learn More
  19. large_4520_bearing-cap-dodge.gif

    Wheel Bearing Grease Cap : 1963-73 Chrysler, Dodge & Plymouth

    wheel bearing grease cap set : 1963-73 chrysler, dodge & plymouth direct replacement wheel bearing grease cap set as found on 1966-72 chrysler, 1966-72 plymouth & 1963-73 dodge vehciles. sold... Learn More
    Set of 2

19 Item(s)

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