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  1. Hemi Slant Manifold Stud and Nut DSC09998.jpg

    Case Hardened Manifold Stud & Nut : suit Hemi 6 & Slant 6

    Suitable for use on both Hemi 6 and Slant 6 engines. Beware of gold or silver coated studs available from other sellers. They are not hi-tensile steel which means they... Learn More

    Regular Price: AU$4.95

    Special Price AU$4.94

  2. Manifold Stud Nut Set Hemi 6 Slant 6 DSC09998.jpg

    Case Hardened Manifold Stud & Nut Set : suit Hemi 6 & Slant 6

    New replacement manifold stud & nut set to suit Slant 6 & Hemi 6 engines. Includes hi-tensile studs and hi-torque nuts. Complete fastener set Hi-tensile / hi-torque - premium seal Learn More

    Regular Price: AU$60.00

    Special Price AU$59.99

  3. Manifold Stud Nut D Washer Package Hemi 6 Slant 6 DSC09998 Small.jpg

    Engine Manifold Stud, Nut and "D" Washer Kit : suit Hemi 6 & Slant 6

    Suitable for use on both Hemi 6 and Slant 6 engines. Our packages includes hi-tensile, case hardened steel studs, genuine Chrysler new-old-stock nuts and the included "D" washers have been... Learn More

    Regular Price: AU$95.00

    Special Price AU$94.99

  4. large_7064_1223.jpg

    Exhaust Manifold Conical Washer : Small-block / Slant 6

    Exhaust manifold conical washer : small-block / Slant 6 Restoration exhaust manifold conical fitting washer as found on small-block v8 & Slant 6 engines. Sold individually. Original equipment #2121223. Factory-correct... Learn More

    Regular Price: AU$12.87

    Special Price AU$12.86

  5. Manifold Nut Hemi 6 Slant 6 NOS DSC09998 Small.jpg

    N.O.S. Nut (5/16"-24 UNF) : suit Hemi 6/Slant 6 manifold

    These studs are genuine Chrysler Australia new-old-stock (N.O.S.) These nuts were used for both Hemi 6 and Slant 6 applications to retain the inlet and exhaust manifolds. Specifications: Thread size:... Learn More
    Set of 4
  6. large_2712_8023-2.jpg

    Restoration Exhaust Manifold Fasteners Package : 340/360 Small-block

    Restoration exhaust manifold fasteners package : 340/360 small-block Restoration exhaust manifold package as found on 340 & 360 engines, this factory-correct reproduction will ensure that the finer engine details are... Learn More
  7. Hemi 6 Manifold To Weber Studs.jpg

    Stud & Nut Set (4x) : Intake Manifold to Weber Carburettor

    Quality stud and nut set to mount carby/weber to intake manifold. Learn More

7 Item(s)

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