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Complete Disc Brake Differential (rear drum to disc conversion)


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If you are looking to upgrade your brakes on the rear end of your vehicle, this is the most simple and complete kit available. View full item description

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If you are looking to upgrade your brakes on the rear end of your vehicle, this is the most simple and complete kit available.

Complete with the choice to pick your own differential ratio to suit your style; from 1/4 mile drags to conserving fuel whilst driving your pride and joy daily.

Simply choose the options and we will build you the perfect combination that you require.

We have chosen proven off the shelf products and combine them with a modified differential housing and our own custom brake lines and backers to suit your Chrysler perfectly. Even better; For those that don't want to cut and modify their vehicle, you do not have modify a single thing on your car; so for whatever the reason; you can swap this kit back to your original Chrysler diff and no one would know the difference.

Some of the features of our kit are as follows:

  • Your choice of differential ratio
  • True bolt in conversion with no further items necessary
  • Strong 4 pinion LSD
  • Strong 28 spline axles
  • Fully reconditioned late model Borg Warner diff housing
  • New drilled & slotted rotors
  • Reconditioned calipers
  • New disc pads
  • New handbrake cables and brake lines to suit your specific vehicle



Do I need anything more to install this differential?

In a word, no.

Everything mechanically required to convert your drum braking vehicle to disc braking is included. The only thing you'll need to provide is diff oil, and brake fluid as these diffs are supplied drained of any fluid. As we don't sell consumables, you may need to make a trip to your local auto shop before you start the job.


Do I need to change my tailshaft?

In most cases, no.

If you have an early model RV1/SV1/AP5 with a Chrysler diff you will have to purchase a tail shaft or have yours modified to suit; please note we are able to assist with this request. Also there are one or two variants that may need a swap to standard tail shaft such as the VJ/VK E48 Chargers optioned with a Dana Diff - rare and valuable - don't touch it!


Can I use 14" Wheel Rims on these?

Almost any aftermarket 14" rim/mags will be OK.

Early model vehicles with factory fitted 14" rims and drum brakes all round may not fit due to the inside diameter constraints.


Will I need new handbrake cables?

Brand new handbrake cables are sent with your differential that will suit your vehicle.


What brake lines do i need?
Brand new brake lines are sent with your differential; you are able to reuse your body to diff brake line if it is in good order. You must re-use your existing brass "T" block on your diff.


Do I need to change my leaf springs?

No, stock springs in good condition will be just fine.


How easy is this to install?

Pretty simple, a rattle gun, set of spanners, undo a few U-bolts, brake lines cables ect,  also a few mates to lift the diff in place never goes astray.

Important Note: We assume anyone installing such a differential knows what all these things all are and has a general mechanical knowledge and experience .If you do not know how to bleed brakes or how to use a rattle gun; or do not know what these things are/mean, is it is probably best and strongly recommended to have this differential installed by a competent local mechanic.


What are these differentials like for maintenance?

Brake Pads are easy to buy off the shelf (note the first set is supplied with the diff).
Recommended oil is Castrol Syntrax 80/140w


What colours can I get are the diff in?

We supply the differential only in a matte black; calipers are a cleaned raw aluminium.

Please note that if you are looking for a showroom mirror finish gloss black or any other colour; you will need organise something though your local auto paint shop after you receive the diff.


What kind of engine can I put this behind?

We are currently using these differentials behind a number of power street engines with no trouble; some of the more powerful variants include a street driven small block 408 stroker with injection setups and a few of the the Hemi Performance "Force 6" 265 for many years.

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