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Complete Engine Gasket Set (with HP Premium Graphite Head Gasket) : Suit Hemi 6

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Hemi Performance's own gasket kit, a combination of some of the best gaskets available for the Hemi 6! (Gaskets included in this kit are composite and cork/rubber mix - they... View full item description
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Hemi Performance's own gasket kit, a combination of some of the best gaskets available for the Hemi 6!
(Gaskets included in this kit are composite and cork/rubber mix - they are not our HP Nitrile gaskets.)
The HP gasket kit includes every engine gasket, including a high performance graphite head gasket, & HP's exclusive "Felpro" Neoprene Rear Main Seal.

Say goodbye to blown head gaskets & leaking rear main seals today!

Kit Contents
1xHP Premium Graphite Cylinder Head Gasket : suit Hemi 6
1xHP Premium Graphite Inlet/Exhaust Manifold Gasket : suit Hemi 6
1xSump Rail Gasket & Seal Set : suit Hemi 6
1xSide Plate Gasket, in cork : Suit Hemi 6
1xTiming Cover Gasket & Balancer Seal Set (inc Water Pump Gasket) : Suit Hemi 6
1xWater Inlet/Thermostat Housing Gasket : suit Hemi 6, Slant 6 & Small Block Magnum
1xFuel Pump Gasket : suit Hemi 6, Slant 6, Small Block & Big Block
6xFibre Washer/Gasket: Suit Hemi 6 Side Plate Bolts
1xOil Pump Lid "O" Ring : Suit Hemi 6, Slant 6, Small Block & Big Block
1xOil Pump Pick-up Pipe Gasket : suit Hemi 6
12xViton Valve Stem Seal Intake: suit Slant 6, Hemi 6, Small Block, and Big Block
1xCarburetor To Manifold Base-Plate Gasket : 2-Bbl
1xOBSOLETE - Tappet/Rocker Cover Gasket, in cork : 4mm thickness: Suit Hemi 6
1xCrankshaft Rear Main Seal : Neoprene : Suit Hemi 6

Hemi Performance Premium Graphite Head Gaskets
Are you looking for the best cylinder head gasket for your engine build? Look no further. This Hemi Performance premium graphite gasket is guaranteed to out perform any other gasket on the market for standard through to high performance applications.
Made from a perforated stainless steel insert sandwiched between two layers of flexible graphite to ensure that they have a super high heat tolerance like no other aftermarket gasket.
From our experience, we've seen numerous other brand head gaskets fail prematurely. Put your mind at ease by using our tried and tested gasket for your engine.

Technical Specification (value relate to 1.5mm thickness)
Non-asbestos laminated jointing roll, composed of beater addition paper inserted with perforated 0.20 - 0.22 mm thick carbon steel sheet.
The beater add layers are composed of mineral fibres and fillers, bonded with elastomer.
Max operating temperature 450°C Compressibility: 17.8% Recovery: min 59.6%.

Immersion Tests
Type Compressibility Recovery Weight increment Thickness Increment
in VS 30 17.9% min 48.1% max 17.8% max 6.1%
in ASTM 3 OIL 19.1% min 48.3% max 19.5% max 5.2%
in M 15 20.7% min 36.5% max 21.6% max 11.9%
in FUEL 17.1% min 46.0% max 15.9% max 3.6%
in COOLANT 22.9% min 44.9% max 24.9% max 8.5%

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