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Hemi 6 245 & 265 Standard & Mild Crate Engine

Hemi 6 245 & 265 Standard & Mild Crate Engine


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Hemi Six Standard & Mild Crate Engines
Engine Information
  • The Hemi six engine started its life in the USA in 1965, when Chrysler Corporation decided it was time to replace the long lived Slant six engine with an upright and more powerful engine. Their main aim was to re-power the Dodge truck range.
  • By 1967-68 Chrysler had “shelved” the Hemi six in its final stages of development to continue on with the V8 engine.
  • In 1968 Chrysler Australia was looking also to replace the Slant 6 engine in its passenger cars, and Dodge truck range.
  • With their recent success in motor racing their interests were also in an engine that was easy to adapt into a Hi-performance engine for Bathurst 500.
  • Chrysler Australia set up and manufactured the Hemi six here in Australia. The 245 was fitted as standard equipment in the VG and one year later into the Dodge truck range.
  • The performance side was handled by Weber in Italy, thus the 265 was born.
  • Chrysler then reduced the 245 to a 215, but this motor was short lived and only lasted up till 1976.
  • Back in the states the Slant 6 lived another 12 odd years.
  • The Hemi six has been praised as one of the best six cylinder engines ever made.
  • The early Chrysler Jeep was powered by a 4 litre Hi-output six much like our Hemi.


Engine Specifications
Displacement: 245ci or 265ci
Block: Acid cleaned, crack tested, bored and honed (max 60th)
Compression Ratio: Approx: 9.4:1
Crankshaft: Acid cleaned, crack tested and ground
Rods: Factory rods cleaned, checked and resized
Rod Bolts: Mopar Performance Bolts & ARP Nuts
Pistons: Cast “Hemtec” semi-hypereutectic
Rings: Hastings
Rod Bearings: King-Race
Main Bearings: King-Race
Cam Bearings: Durabond
Heads: Stripped, acid cleaned and crack tested
Head Gasket: HP Graphite Composite (Copper-Coated)
Pushrods: Factory, acid cleaned & checked for straightness
Rocker Arms: Factory, acid cleaned & machined tips
Valves: EVL valves 3-way cut on Serdi equipment
Valve Guides: Thin-wall K-Line
Head Inserts: USA made hardened valve inserts
Stem Seals: USA made Vitron
Valve Springs: Factory (or upgrade to Dual Valve Springs)
Camshaft: VCR229: Reground and hardened (or upgrade to billet)
Lifters: Anti-Pump Hydraulic Lifters
Timing Chain: Dual Row Rollmaster (multi keyway)
Oil Pump: HP “O” Ringed Hi-Pressure
Gaskets: High quality HP gaskets including neoprene rear main seal
Bolts: Factory
Sump: Factory


Engine Accessories Packages
Option “A” - ($7,445)
New Water Pump
New Thermostat
New Thermostat housing
New Temperature sender
New Pro Street Harmonic Balancer
New HPI Series 2 Ignition Kit
New FML 8mm Ignition Leads
New NGK V-groove Spark Plugs
Powder coated Two Barrel Cast Manifold
Reconditioned Hi-top Two Barrel Carter Carburetor
New Oil sender unit
New Z9 Oil Filter (x2)
Option “B” - ($7,755)
Upgrade to Mild Billet Camshaft
Upgrade to Anti-Float Timing Cover
Upgrade to Baffled Sump
Upgrade to Dual Valve Springs
Upgrade to Reconditioned 350cfm two barrel Holly


Illustration &  component listing is indicative only - Hemi performance reserves the right to select and use alternative component or appearance at their discretion.

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