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HP E-Coat Suspension Pack [Lifetime Warranty] ,VE/VF/VG/VH/VJ/VK , Ball Joints, Tie Rod Ends, Idler Arm & Pitman Arm

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Kit Contents
2xHP Upper Ball Joint [Lifetime Warranty] ]
1xHP Lower Ball Joint, Right Hand [Lifetime Warranty] SV1/RV1/AP5/AP6/VC/VE/VF/VG/VH/VJ/VK/CL/CM
1xHP Lower Ball Joint, Left Hand [Lifetime Warranty] SV1/RV1/AP5/AP6/VC/VE/VF/VG/VH/VJ/VK/CL/CM
2xHP Tie Rod End, Right Hand Thread [Lifetime Warranty] : suit SV1/RV1/AP5/AP6/VC/VE/VF/VG/VH/VJ/VK/CL/CM
2xHP Tie Rod End, Left Hand Thead [Lifetime Warranty] : Suit SV1/RV1/AP5/AP6/VC/VE/VF/VG/VH/VJ/VK/CL/CM
1xHP Idler Arm : suit SV1/AP5/AP6/VC/VE/VF/VG/VH/VJ/VK (Small Bolt) *Lifetime Warranty*
1xHP Pitman Arm [Lifetime Warranty] : suit VE/VF/VG/VH/VJ/VK/CL/CM Manual Steering (& Power Steer VE - early VJ)

Our Exclusive HEMI PERFORMANCE steering components.
Hemi Performance is proud to offer the most premium & conclusive steering and suspension components available for your Valiant!

These steering and suspension components are made up to original OEM specifications, featuring premium fully greaseable suspension components that include an unmatched true lifetime warranty with unlimited kilometers!*

Today’s Valiant owners demand higher quality and increased durability in their suspension products more than ever before. Not only do these products need to perform well, but they must also have a finish that looks good and resist corrosion for longer periods of time. HP’s latest improvement in the “HP Suspension” range is a high quality electrocoating (e-coating), designed to meet each of these mandates.

What is Electrocoating?

E-coating, also known as electrodeposition coating, is a method of painting that uses electrical current to deposit paint on the surface. This Cathodic acrylic electrocoat material is perfect for topcoat applications because it features very good UV resistance and is superior to traditional liquid primer plus topcoat painting because it delivers better overall adhesion and corrosion resistance properties.

Features Include:

  • Premium E-Coat in Gloss Black
  • Premium greaseable upper and lower ball joints
  • Premium greaseable tie rod ends
  • Lifetime warranty all components*
  • Components are laser etched with our logo to allow easy identification


Use HP steering components for a ride that can't be beat!

*Please note that Warranty is only valid for personal passenger car use, not for business and/or race use.

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